MicroBeatMini Light, Sound & AudioStrobe Decorder


New Mind Machine would like to introduce the newest entry in AudioStrobe decodability: the MicroBeatMini (mBm). It is a compact, lightweight, all-in-one system that is as easy as putting on sunglasses. The entire mBm, including earbuds (although the mBm system also includes KOSS KTXPro headphones), resembles a multi-functioning futuristic eyepiece. And what the mBm does is give you a personal dose of mentally-entraining entertainment. The MicroBeatMini AudioStrobe compatible system is also a light and sound machine that plays specially encoded AudioStrobe content from various sound sources like smartphones, MP3 players or CDs and synchronizes the pulsed light stimulation with the audio stimulation. With the ability to modulate the pulsed light to the tiniest nuance, a three-dimensional blend of light, audio beats and music envelopes your mind.

The red, green and white LEDs generate ten different color modes and can be synchronized or alternating. Warmer color combinations for mind/body alert desire, cooler color combinations for mind/body relaxed experiences. Your Audiostrobe MicroBeatMini comes complete with: mBm unit, rubber light shield, earbuds, headphones, audio cable, USB charging cable, carrying bag and AudioStrobe sampler CD.

The Mirco beat mini is a unique mind machine in that that it has an all-in-one, high tech visor design.  The visor comes complete with a blackout mask, stereo earbuds that mount into the earpieces for easy storage and a mirror-backed array of red, green and white LEDs capable of generating complex interactive patterns.  Another standout feature is the ability to switch modes and experience the same session in multiple ways


If you are a student that wants a learning and memory tool, that between class breaks also offers you the chance to relax, regroup, and listen to your favorite music all at the same time, then make the MicroBeatMini a part of your educational experience…


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