A few years back, Christopher Oliver and Michael Landgraf designed the virtual515 CD for entraining listeners through sound (headphones or speakers). One person or a roomful, we proved the sessions were effective by simultaneously taking before/during/after brainwave frequency measurements from dozens of participants via eeg/neurofeedback.

Today, the virtual515 is known as one of the most cost- effective methods for achieving targeted brainwave states. It is used in the fields of law enforcement, medicine, education and by hundreds “just trying to make a good thing better”. To read what some of the 515 listeners have to say, please visit the customer feedback area at www.mindaware.com.

Just as the virtual 515 CD negated the need for purchasing much higher-priced sound generatingequipment, no longer do you have to purchase an avs instrument to enjoy avs sessions. The AV3X on DVD is a six session presentation of pulsed dual independent binaural beats, inlaid frame by frame with visuals of extraordinary depth, color and movement, combined with six original soundtracks, all in total synchrony. Thank you Mr. O. You have created a simple and effective way to help people relax and “unwind”.

The AV3X is the first DVD to integrate auditory/visual stimulation for the purpose of entrainment. The visual and sound quality, being in DVD format, is obviously first-rate. And unlike avs instruments, there are no wires to untangle and hook up; no session parameters to dial in or light adjustments to make. You don’t even need lightframes. All you have to do is place the disk in your DVD player, select which session you want, adjust the volume and press start. You can use headphones if you want, and you can run the sessions on your pc monitor if your computer accepts DVDs. But the AV3X is really made for television. It’s a TV Mindmachine. It deserves to be an IMAX Mindmachine.

I find myself choosing the AV3X when wanting to do an alpha or alpha/theta session rather than using my personal avs unit. Its easier and takes less time. I’ve used the AV3X in three different manners: 1) Using a portable DVD player with tv glasses and headphones (which is also the method I use when utilizing the Brainmaster eeg/neurofeedback unit for simultaneously recording the participant’s real-time brainwave frequency entrainment response to the AV3X); 2) Combining a DVD player with tv glasses and headphones to my IMS bed (for light, sound and tactile stimulation, 360 degree orbital motion, an incredible visual presentation and all synchronized with music); and 3) Kicking back in my favorite chair, choosing session three on the AV3X, and enjoying the presentation via a 600 watt Sony A/V home entertainment system. Its a downright decent way to relax.

How do you use the AV3X ?

You don’t have to “stare” at the screen nor look at its center. Rather, I recommend you follow different parts of the screen, letting your eyes guide you. The darker the surroundings the better, but it is not a necessity. I see the AV3X as both a toy and a tool. A toy because it is entertaining and a tool because it gently guides my brain to a more relaxed state. Its a nice combination, and with a price tag in the $29 range, an excellent addition to anyone’s DVD library.

Just as avs / light and sound stimulation affects each individual differently, so too does the AV3X. The presentations on this DVD are designed to help you relax, to release the day’s stressors, in an entertaining fashion. But there are degrees or levels of stress that most of us seem to possess, colors that affect us positively and colors that don’t, and a daily schedule that inhibits ‘free-time’, when considering which session/presentation to watch. Each AV3X track is of a different length, blending different colors, different visuals, into a presentation suitable for a mid-day relax break, study break or “just got home and the rest of the day is mine” segue into your personal time. The AV3X is also perfect for use in seminars to teach about brainwaves et al, and great to use in the beginning of meditation/yoga classes to deepen the experience.


Or in the words of Fred Williams: “This is couch-potato meditation at its best!”

As you are watching the visuals and listening as the sounds happen in total synchrony with what you are seeing, let your thoughts drift and your eyes follow whatever visual movement they should fall upon. Experience each session, make note of how each affects you, and pick your favorites for specific tasks. These tasks can range from the aforementioned relax breaks or incorporating into breaks between study sessions, to enhancing visualization and imaging skills for improved performance in upcoming events, whether it be a test, job interview or athletic endeavor. Teachers can use the AV3X before presenting material their students need to memorize, or as a tool for reducing pre-test anxieties, or for helping their students relax and focus after recess or lunch. Therapists can use this DVD in their reception area, for relaxing their clients and helping them focus on why they are there before they meet with the therapist, and for helping clients calm down after driving across town to get to their scheduled appointment.

The terminally ill can use the AV3X to relax and cope, as can overworked police officers and postal employees; just about anyone who is affected by stress at work or at school can use the AV3X and feel positive and refreshed.

Program Descriptions

The AV3X has six presentations and a total length of sixty-nine minutes. Here is a brief description of each presentation:

Track 1 – 10:00 minutes. Beginning with shades of blue and white that fade into blacks and grays, morphing into patterns best described as single cell images in constant motion and change, slowly becoming rich varieties of blue and white that redirect your eyes through bursting patterns that flow beyond the screen. The pulsed frequencies are all within the alpha brainwave state, with the conclusion of this presentation being an ‘uplifting’ sensation.

Track 2 – 10:46 minutes. You will be seeing a rainbow of colors, even a mountain peak if you are observant. This alpha session should give you the sensation of being on an inner-journey; of looking outward but seeing within, ending with a sense of celebration.

Track 3 – 11:52 minutes. Hear water hitting the shoreline, directing shades of blue and green that appear as layer upon layer of patterns and swirls. There are circles, like a tunnel, that take you deep into the very center of this presentation. Along the way, look for the skyline from eastern Utah. Listen as the multitude of colors are constantly redirected by the music. This track combines alpha and theta frequencies for a meditative experience, yet is entertaining and capable of helping produce creative thoughts.

Track 4 – 15:01 minutes. The sounds of lapping water and birds prepare you for this ride. The screen is filled with slowly twisting shades of blue, white, red, purple and green. The sound is mixed with frequencies in the alpha and theta brainwave range. And they all collide, imploding and exploding in unison, creating visuals that are totally out of control, concluding in synchronous harmony.

Track 5 – 15:03 minutes. Strobing colors on a blue background, growing into layers like currents of sound. The music, combined with alpha and theta beat frequencies, redirect the colorful panorama of swirls and cloud-like formations, ever morphing, down to the smallest image. A gentle experience, concluding as softly as it began.

Track 6 – 6:18 minutes. This alpha session will guide you through inner-space just as if you are the pilot and the screen is your navigator. You see a variety of blues, greens and whites transform into shades of red, green and purple, and as you float along, you are treated to a dazzling, yet refreshing, display of colors.

The Research

How do I know these presentations are effective for learning relaxation? That they do indeed increase the alpha and/or theta brainwave production of a participant? The answer is simple: I measure the real-time response of a participant’s brainwave production before, during and after an AV3X session using eeg/neurofeedback. Specifically the Brainmaster by Dr. Tom Collura.

My goal is to get an eeg sampling from 250 participants for each AV3X session and I am admittedly far from it. But what I have observed when reviewing eeg responses so far has been an immediate increase in the desired brainwave state when placing the “active” eeg electrode at “CZ” or basically dead-center on the top of the skull. Under the supervision of Dr. L. Jerry Cunningham, I performed hundreds of hours of eeg/neurofeedback training and am confident that the “CZ” location is an excellent site for measuring the production of alpha and theta brainwaves.

From the time a presentation begins until alpha entrainment occurs and a frequency following effect is observable has been within 2-3 minutes. Theta increases appear to happen within 5-6 minutes. It is too early, the AV3X is too new, for me to say this DVD can and will relax you or can and will help you cope with stressors. But I can say it has helped me cope with daily stress, and that I enjoy watching the different presentations versus doing an avs session. The AV3X is an entertaining and cost-effective alternative to avs instruments. Could this DVD possibly be a turning point in how avs is delivered?

Available through www.mindmachines.com or for more information please contact Michael at the AVS Journal.

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