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  AV3X : THE TV MINDMACHINE   A few years back, Christopher Oliver and Michael Landgraf designed the virtual515 CD for entraining listeners through sound (headphones or speakers). One person or a roomful, we proved the sessions were effective by simultaneously taking before/during/after brainwave frequency measurements from dozens of participants via eeg/neurofeedback. Today, the virtual515 is [...]

MicroBeatMini Light, Sound & AudioStrobe Decorder

  New Mind Machine would like to introduce the newest entry in AudioStrobe decodability: the MicroBeatMini (mBm). It is a compact, lightweight, all-in-one system that is as easy as putting on sunglasses. The entire mBm, including earbuds (although the mBm system also includes KOSS KTXPro headphones), resembles a multi-functioning futuristic eyepiece. And what the mBm [...]

What is a Mind Machine And Why Do I Need One?

What is a mind machine?  A mind machine is a piece of technology that can change your life by changing your brainwave patterns.  It is like having a remote control for your brain.  Need to do homework, write a paper or prepare a presentation?  Put your brain in focus mode by doing a light and [...]

Are All Light and Sound Machines The Same? How Do they compare?

The question comes up often, “Are all light and sound machines basically the same?”.  The short answer is yes, but the more accurate answer is no.  Yes, they are all similar in that they use pre-programmed sessions composed of frequency controlled light and sound stimulation, but like anything else such as cars, stereos or computers [...]